Dressing Up Can Be Fun

Dressing Up Can Be Fun

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I feel God blessed us with accepting men.  His brother and my husband are both very supportive of our Princess Boy and what he wants. Thank you soo much for bringing this out and writing a book on this.

How wonderful that the book and your family have been so well received.  The amount of love you and your beautiful family is being showered with is moving.

I admire you so much Cheryl!

I can’t communicate adequately the depth you have touched me with the story behind My Princess Boy. This touches me so deeply.

Thank you for being a voice.  I have nothing but love for you and your beautiful family.  If there is anything I can do to help, please let me know.

Thank you for writing this book!

It is very refreshing to hear about a family who is accepting and loving

First let me say congrats to you for allowing your son to be who he is, not many parents would have opened their arms and hearts to this situation.

I am an elementary school counselor and just saw the article in People’s magazine.  I saw your website and added it to my favorites under “education!”  Amazing mom you are teaching such a wonderful lesson not only to your son but to the world!

Your. Family. Is. Amazing.  I express a deep heartfelt thank you for being a pioneer in this new and unbelievably unchartered territory.

Cheryl, again THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!  Your book will positively change our lives in such a powerful visual way.