A Family Of Love And Acceptance

A Family Of Love And Acceptance


“Last night I tucked my son in bed and said “Good night sweet pea, I love you…  you are my Princess Boy”.  He quickly looked at me and said “What did you call me mom?”  I said “My Princess Boy.”  He looked at me, gave me the biggest smile and said “I like that name, thanks Mom.” “

“As an early childhood educator, thank you so much for writing this timely book.  In the face of all the bullying of children who “don’t fit the mold,” a book of this nature makes it ok to be different. “

“Please continue with your message.  Your son is extremely lucky to have such a supportive family!  I wish all children had that!”

“You are an incredible inspiration, truly wonderful.  I have been following your stories recently and am so thrilled you are bringing this topic truly *to life.* “

“A million Thank you’s And a million more…  from a Chicago mom to an amazing princess boy. “

“I am proud to now say I thank my son for teaching me about embracing individuality.  But this truly started to evolve more because of you, your family and your story.”

“My son will one day hear the story about how a part of my soul *opened up* when I heard a very similar story about a beautiful family, the Kilodavis’, who live in Seattle.”