Rewarding and Exhausting at the Same Time

Who knew parenting could be both rewarding and exhausting at the exact same times? I love being a mom and I enjoy becoming a better person as I listen to my kids’ profound statements (out of the mouths of babes as they say), but at some point you realize that the entire parenting thing is not that easy. Parenting is hard, and good parenting takes work, time, dedication, love, acceptance, patience, respect, humility – the list could go on and on. Somewhere along the way you start to realize your perfect baby and stellar family image is really an illusion. Flaws start to show, but we still spend time polishing our illusions… it’s exhausting. Then you break down and talk with other parents. It’s at that moment when the clouds start to separate – ah, blue sky again. You see that all parents are dealing with something, working on something, trying to fix something. We are all waking up and going to sleep under the same blanket. I am so thankful for that blanket.