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To provide a local positive and safe play space for children, who are, feel, identify as different or choose to express themselves differently in a positive way, and their supportive adults to explore a positive sense of self and build a supportive community in a accepting environment.


Welcome to Acceptance Play Groups!

We are so glad you are here. Our shared mission is to provide a safe, nurturing and supportive experience for our children. We believe that all children develop through a process of formation. They come to learn their interests and parts of who they are through an exploration of the world around them.  As adults in their lives, we believe in providing space for all children to learn about themselves and form character and identity, following interests that can bring them into adulthood as whole, happy and confident people.

Acceptance Play Groups give children the freedom to explore options for play and imagination that are not restricted by stereotypes. They provide safe spaces where children and their adults may meet, share and enjoy the positive lessons of learning through self-expression, even if that expression is different from what other children of their age, race, abilities, and gender may choose to do.

Because we know that living out this role can be challenging due to peer pressure, both for our children and for ourselves, we come together as people in community. We gather to support and learn from one another. We build bonds of trust that will empower us to be better parents for the children we love.

If you share the vision of all that we have just described as our common goal in parenting and in building community, then once again, welcome to the Acceptance Play network!

Thank you for joining us.


To acceptance,


Cheryl Kilodavis, Founder


We apologize as we are currently updating the Acceptance Play online application. 

In the meantime, pleaes email us at and we will send you the application directly.


Donations Welcome

Acceptance Play is an Authentic-i program, which is a tax deductible 501c3 organization.  We appreciate your financial support.

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Adult Agreement (18 and older)

As parents, guardians and care-givers, those of us who are part of a Acceptance Groups enter into this experience with our children. We do so with no assumptions and no judgments about where this experience may take our children later in life. We understand that their future decision about either sexual preference or gender identity is a deeply personal and complex part of their maturation into adults. We do not seek to second guess where that journey may take them or us. We only take one step at a time by loving and accepting them along the way. Therefore we respect their need to explore their creative spirit and in respecting them and each other, we accept our role to make sure that can happen in a safe and nurturing environment.

Security Agreement:

To step through that open door of acceptance, please help us by going through a few security measures to do our best insure you and your child have a great experience in your local Accweptance Play Groups. There are a series of security steps to go through to coordinate and join the network.  Note this is a grass roots effort which is lead and facilitated by people in your neighborhood areas and all groups are organized and led by people in your communities.  IMPORTANT:  By joining the network, you are agreeing with the definition above and to being supportive to and positive about all differences.  You further agree that your intentions to sign up are for positive and safe play group outcomes for attending children and adults, and no personal or negative verbiage in person or online are permitted.



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