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“Thank you for sharing the story behind “My Princess Boy”. I was very moved by you.I love your points about the book’s message of inclusion, not just mere tolerance, and celebrating the unique person within us all.”

“I’m so impressed by the obvious love, strength, support and beautiful, down-to-earth intelligence and kindness with which you all treat one another.  (And your son’s teacher and school faculty are amazing, too.)  You are all fortunate, indeed.  Thank you for fostering truth and beauty in the world.”

“Thanks for being a ‘Warrior for Love’

“Thank you so much for this book.  I hope more people read this book.”

“On behalf of all of the men in the Bible Belt – THANK YOU!  It’s about time someone showed love for a boy – Just. As. He. IS!  Bless you Cheryl.”

:I just ordered your book this morning after a dear friend handed me an article about your family from people Magazine. I have my very own delightful princess Boy. Like Dyson, my son is 5 years old and has loved pretty things since he was 2. We watched your video clip and he said, “I wish Dyson lived in our state. He could come over and dress up with me.”



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