Champions are more than bystanders – they give it all up for the greater good of acceptance. 
Champions speak up for the bullied. 


Have you been a champion today?


There is a need in our country, and our world, to hear from the positive voices of champions, those who are doing something, saying something, making change, those speaking up for the bullied. These champions are saving lives right now, just as you read this. 

Below are links to experts, everyday people, and programs which have been brought to my attention.  If you are interested in being a resource on this page, please email

Together, we will stop bullying before it starts through a common thread of acceptance.


My Princess Boy Facebook Group Page

Positive affirmations page for those who support those who feel/are/express themselves differently




Standing In The Shadows


Sarah Hoffman

Parenting her gender-variant son



Carrie Goldman

A Portrait of Adoption



Handsome in Pink

Clothes for Everyone



Gender Diversity

Education, support, and training organization




If you are interested in being listed on the Champions page, please contact us.

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