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“I think it’s fantastic…I think that what it tells us is that these boys, their parents, and the social world is no longer the same…There are people who need this kind of information and this kind of help.” –Dr. Ken Corbett, author of Boyhoods: Rethinking Masculinities, discussing My Princess Boy on The Today Show

“Dyson’s mom lets her son be exactly who he is and she celebrates it…I would call you (Cheryl) my expert having lived through this.”—Dr. Drew Pinsky, Dr. Drew Show

“Truly inspirational!”—Perez Hilton,

“I actually love this book…This is an age-appropriate way to communicate the message of acceptance…I fully support you supporting your son…We need to teach our kids that different is okay and let’s be inclusive.”—Dr. Phil

“Great message of tolerance and acceptance, and if there was more of this, we would have no wars.”—Sharon Osborne

“I think you’re a very interesting family, that you have so much support from your husband…and from your son…It’s a great thing, I congratulate you.”—Joy Behar, The Joy Behar Show

“The book was a hit, its message about acceptance as much as gender…and suddenly Cheryl has become an accidental activist…Dyson seems to be perfectly happy just being a Princess Boy.”—Nightline, ABC News

“DeSimone’s illustrations are colorful, bright, and positive. Children may ask why the people depicted have no faces, which may spark discussions about how we are all the same. This is a book about unconditional love, social acceptance, and a strong family. It is also a call for diversity, tolerance, and an end to bullying and judgments.”—School Library Journal

“For Dyson, it’s a way of being creative. It’s not really a gender issue for him. He identifies as being a boy. He’s a happy, happy kid. He’s very creative…I love that the family is supporting his passion.”—Psychologist Dr. Debora Vilhauer

“Wow! I was truly blown away…by this story of unconditional love, acceptance, and support and tolerance…Is there a powerful message in this book for our kids? You bet!!!”—Words By Mom (

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Hear From Acceptance Champions

  • “Thank you for being a voice.  I have nothing but love for you and your beautiful family.  If there is anything I can do to help, please let me know.”
  • “Thank you for writing this book!”
  • “It is very refreshing to hear about a family who is accepting and loving.
  • “First let me say congrats to you for allowing your son to be who he is, not many parents would have opened their arms and hearts to this situation.”
  • “I am an elementary school counselor and just saw the article in People's magazine.  I saw your website and added it to my favorites under "education!"  Amazing mom you are teaching such a wonderful lesson not only to your son but to the world!”
  • “Your. Family. Is. Amazing.  I express a deep heartfelt thank you for being a pioneer in this new and unbelievably unchartered territory.”
  • “Cheryl, again THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!  Your book will positively change our lives in such a powerful visual way. “
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