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  • DISCOVERING THE VALUE IN ‘DIFFERENT’: Why Diversity and Inclusion Are Key Ingredients to Your Organization’s Success

An expert on tolerance and acceptance with an engaging and dynamic style, Cheryl guides companies to understand how to deal with differences in the workplace, whether gender, age, race, or behavior-based. As a bi-racial woman of African American and Caucasian heritage, Cheryl knows firsthand what it feels like to go through life feeling “different.” When she wrote her bestselling book My Princess Boy to help her son navigate his won differences, she had no idea that she would become the impetus behind a global movement of acceptance and inclusion that has grown far beyond her community.

  • CORPORATE CHAMPIONS: Making Courage a Core Component of Your Brand

Herself a role model for courage, Cheryl guides participants to make courageous behavior a core component of their brands. Through specific examples of companies who have embraced ethical business practices and socially responsible choices, Cheryl shows individuals and organizations how to enhance their brands by “doing good to do well.” With her step-by-step process, Cheryl shows your group how to recognize and reward the “corporate champions” already in their organizations.

  • ACCEPTANCE IN ACTION: Creating Acceptance-Driven & Action-Oriented Teams

Since the publication of her groundbreaking book My Princess Boy, Cheryl has been asked to speak to organizations worldwide about creating cultures of respect, tolerance and acceptance. With a fun, common sense approach, Cheryl guides groups to create teams based on respect, authenticity and trust. Using kids’ playgroups as a metaphor for the workplace, Cheryl sets the tone for her “Professional Playgroups,” by turning work into play while creating a safe environment for sharing and self-disclosure.

  • A TALE OF ACCEPTANCE: Anti-Bullying & Gender Expression Training for Teachers, Parents and Students

Using her bestselling book My Princess Boy as a story-telling tool, Cheryl takes participants on a journey of acceptance and gender expression. By creating a safe and positive workshop atmosphere, Cheryl opens the dialogue about being different, gender expression and bullying, helping educators and parents worldwide to create accepting and compassionate environments. She works closely with administrators and teachers to dovetail with existing programs, initiatives and teaching methods to meet organizational objectives.

"Kudos to Cheryl and the Kilodavis family for sharing their story.  After you hear her speak, her courage is intoxicating and empowering."  - John from Seattle WA.
"Cheryl is a fantastic, relatable speaker. When you want a true story about how acceptance is crucial and attainable for everyone, you must attend a keynote by Cheryl." - Amy from Washington D.C.

Cheryl speaks and facilitates workshops

Cheryl speaks on these topics:

  • Parenting
  • Equality
  • Anti-Bullying
  • Cultural Diversity
  • LGBTQ Acceptance
  • Female Empowerment
  • Gender Diversity
  • Gender Expression
  • Bi-Racial Living
  • African American Family Life
  • Inter-generational Values
"It's refreshing to hear an African American mother share the true challenges of acceptance." - Donna from Chicago, IL "Kudos to Cheryl and the Kilodavis family for sharing their story.  After you hear her speak, her courage is intoxicating and empowering."  - John from Seattle WA

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